The following merits from venue-specific book are good for all character types.:

a. Anonymity [Blood of the Wolf pg]

b. Armory [Banishers]

c. Fence [Banishers]

d. Fighting Style: Grappling [Adamantine Arrow]

e. Fighting Style: Sojutsu/Jukendo [Adamantine Arrow]

f. New Identity ● and ●● [Changeling the Lost]

g. Luxury ●● [Seers of the Throne]

h. Parkour [Tribes of the Moon]

i. Seductive Grace [Signs of the Moon]

j. Shield-Bearer [War Against the Pure]

k. Staff [Ghouls]

l. Tunnel Rat [World of Darkness: Chicago]

m, Secret [Mirrors]

n. Relationship [Mirrors]

New Merits:

House ['● to '●'●'●'●'●; special]Edit

The house merit is functionally similar to Haven, Sanctum, and other merits. Any mundane upgrade may be applied as a house merit. (For example: You could have House: (Size), (Security), or (Workshop), but any type of supernatural bonus may not be applied. (Such as (Doors [Hollow Merit])

List of stuff I've found. Any others you want, let me know.

Size, Security, Workshop, Library, Temple,

Fighting Style: Combat Dance ['● to '●'●'●'●'●]Edit

Prerequisites: Dexterity 3, and athletics or expression 3

This merit means that a character can move well in or out of combat situations. Perhaps she's a ballerina who finds that fighting comes easier on tip toe. Perhaps he is a traceur who can leap over attacks or around opponents as easily as beams or pillars on a roof top. These maneuvers are primarily defensive with one exception. each dot represents a different move and each is a prerequisite for the next. You cannot make Two Twists without taking One Step.

One Step: The character can take one extra marginal step out of harm's way. The character adds 1 to his defense.Edit

'●'Two Twists: The character twists and moves with every attack that comes their way. Their dodge is not penalized until the number of attacks surpasses the dots possessed in this merit.Edit

●'●' Three Hops: The character can leap to avoid damage while using other skills to do so. Athletics dots may be added to any dodge made with the exception of the Athletics dodge.Edit

'●'●'●' Four Skips: After a dodge, if the character suffered no damage, he may find himself in prime positioning for a counter attack. The opponent who failed to strike loses either armor or defense (dodger's choice) for the dodger's next attack. Only the dodger can exploit this momentary weakness.Edit

●'●'●'●' Five Jumps: By jumping, at the opponent, ricocheting from a wall, or whatever, the user can make a ferocious attack. Add the user's Athletics to any attack roll. This costs one willpower, and that one spent point will NOT add 3 to the roll. Drawback: For the turn that this maneuver is used, the user loses his defense for the turn. If his defense is used before before his turn in the roster, he may not use this move. Edit