On this page, the various optional rules we'll be using will be listed, as well as modified rules from my own twisted mind.

Optional Rules:


Meatshield: (Armory Reloaded; pg. 155)

When a character’s Health track is filled with bashing damage, he is staggered (suffering a –2 penalty to Speed and Defense), but does not need to roll to avoid falling unconscious.

When his wounds are filled with lethal damage, he must roll Stamina every turn to remain conscious, as described for bashing damage on p. 173 of the World of Darkness Rulebook.

When his Health track is filled with aggravated wounds, he is unconscious and bleeding out, as described under lethal damage on pp. 173–174 of the World of Darkness Rulebook.

After aggravated wounds, the character gains one new “layer” of wounds called grievous wounds. No attacks inflict grievous wounds innately; grievous damage only comes from aggravated damage rolling over. Mark grievous wounds by completely shading in the Health boxes on the character sheet. When a character’s Health track is completely filled with grievous wounds, he is dead.

A grievous wound takes one month to heal. For supernatural creatures that heal at an accelerated rate or may expend stores of mystical energy to heal, grievous wounds take four times as long, and requires four times as much energy, as healing an aggravated wound.

Supernatural powers capable of healing aggravated wounds can also heal grievous wounds, but likewise any requirements (such as energy expenditure or number of successes rolled) is multiplied by four.

Rationale: Heroic characters being able to take a truly savage beating and yet keep on going is a common staple of heroic fiction.